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Home-based Childcare near you

Looking for In-home childcare.


Here at Kuddles, we strive to provide a nurturing home-based that replicates the quality care that you provide at your own home.


Our ECE qualified home-based educators are experienced in providing an environment where each child is valued and their needs recognised. We aim to help children grow up as competent, confident learners and communicators by providing activities  thereby enhancing the child's learning and development by expanding on these experiences.


Our educators aim to create an atmosphere that facilitates positive interaction between adults and children by offering a well-planned program that provides for the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of each child.


We ensure quality childcare for each child, each of our home based educators look after a maximum of 4 children per day. From 0  to 6 years of age. 


What we offer

Unique Educational Programme

From tracking learning milestones to play-based learning routines, we offer individualised educational programmes for each child that we look after. 

Flexible hours

Life is busy. Let us work around your time. Our Early Childhood Educators offer flexible hours for childcare.

We offer affordable childcare prices with WINZ subsidy options, and 20 hours of ECE for children aged 3 and up. Scroll down for more information.

Multiple Locations

We are located all across Auckland. Scroll down to find your nearest location! 

Affordable Childcare

Give your child quality home-based childcare

Individual learning plan for each child

Our programme coordinators / visiting teachers develop an individual educational programme specifically for your child in discussion with your child’s educator about the  the child’s interests and learning. This individual programme is based on the Te Whãriki, The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.


Children in care get to do lots of exciting things with their educators. They dance, listen to music, sing songs, do painting, baking, gardening. They learn lots of new skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, colour, measuring and lots more! They do different activities such as blocks, play dough, painting, books, puzzles, sand and water play, listening to stories, indoor & outdoor play, thereby extending your child’s knowledge and helping lay the learning foundations for future!

Educators are guided to notice, recognise and respond to the child’s learning needs.  Recording the child’s learning in the child’s portfolio, in the form of photos, arts and crafts to show the learning process. Programme Coordinators also write learning stories for the children when they visit the educator. They provide ongoing  support and help plan and develop activities and fun play ideas for the forthcoming month that will encourage your child to explore and discover new things. Reviewing the Child portfolios and leaving quality resources for the children for the forthcoming month.

Our Fees

In-Home Educators

The base rate for home based educators starts at $8 an hour.  These may vary depending upon the experience and qualifications of the educator and your requirements. 


Educator Subsidies

Educators can get special Kuddles subsidies if you are already looking after children at home.

Contact us for more information


20 Hours ECE Childcare available

20 hours ECE childcare every week for 3 - 6 year olds.



WINZ childcare support available

For more information, please visit the work and income website or freephone on 0800 559 009

Find your nearest Kuddles Educator

"At Kuddles, we understand the importance of childhood. We offer childcare and early childhood education that stays in touch with the magic of childhood, in a home setting."


- The Educators team at Kuddles.

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