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Celebrating -Chinese Language week - 26th Sept to 2nd Oct.

Happy Chinese language week to all our Kiwi -Chinese families. Join in the celebrations by learning how to make dumpling, some Chinese greetings and phrases, and paper lanterns.

What is New Zealand Chinese Language Week?

Chinese Language Week (NZCLW) is designed to increase Chinese language learning in New Zealand. The first of its kind in any Western country, NZCLW seeks to bridge the cultural and linguistic knowledge gap between China and New Zealand by delivering fun and practical initiatives that assist Kiwis to learn Chinese.

The ultimate guide to making Chinese dumplings

Luckily, International Dumpling Day falls within Chinese Language Week this year! Get your hands busy and try making some dumplings for family members within your bubble.

Perfect time to also learn Chinese Mandarin greetings. Grab the kids and give it a go! Try testing each other see what you've learnt.

Or give counting to five a go ...

Get crafty! Try your hand at making some fun Chinese paper lanterns using a range of colors - something to brighten up the kids rooms.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

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