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Delta's arrived in Aotearoa!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The highly infectious Delta variant has hit New Zealand's shores and all the country is now in Level 4 Lockdown. Auckland has found itself being at the epicenter of the spread again and will see its Level 4 extended till September 7th. This can be unsettling for everyone especially on our children’s wellbeing.

Children look to adults for guidance and answers so it will only be natural they would ask questions like:

• Why can’t I see my friends?

• Why can’t we play on the slide and swings at the local park?

• Why can’t I go to the shop with you?

Keeping calm and helping them understand what's going on in the world now can ease not only their anxiety, but also yours when dealing with such tricky questions. If you’re looking for tips on how to better deal with these situations, see the links below:

For more information - see websites below :

Familiar sight during lockdown? It can get a little sore on the eyes (and foot if you have legos) with the lounge looking like a Childcare Centre.

Luckily enough, most Kiwi's are lucky enough to have great outdoor spaces in our own back yards. Here’s a few ideas on how to shift the kids out to the grass or asphalt.

  • Get everyone out in the fresh air play a family friendly fun game of backyard tag

  • Treasure Hunt

  • A game of soccer

  • Hide n' Seek

  • Then heading into the early evenings before a bit of wind down time a game of spot light.

Also import for us and our little people to keep up with washing those hands here's a little fun clip from S.K.I P. tips for parents.

Come on Kiwi's we're a resilient bunch , lets kick Delta out a here!

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