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Parenting Strategies, Tips, Tricks: Helping your children grow in the right environment.

If you are the kind of parent who keeps an eye out for new parenting strategies and techniques, then you'll love the following tips and tricks delivered by Forward Professional Development - an entity created by Linda Ward, Founder & Director of Reach Early Learning Centres, aiming to equip ECE educators, teachers and leaders with knowledge and skills.

With invaluable knowledge in the industry, Linda skillfully breaks down parenting strategies in a simple and easy way to understand. Here are four tips and videos from Linda on:

  • How to give instructions to children

  • Positive learning dispositions

  • Risky play

  • The power of "once"

Three tips to help children comply with the instructions you give them

It can get a little tricky getting the kids to listen even at the best of times. In the video below, Linda offers three simple tips to help get the children's attention and to listen:

  • Using words: and learning how to re- frame how we use them.

  • Using your legs: instead of yelling across the room.

  • Keep it brief: to much talking is a common mistake, you will find some helpful tips for the different ages and stages.

Positive learning dispositions

What are dispositions and what dispositions does your child have? Simply put, dispositions are emerging skills, abilities, knowledge. In line with these dispositions are actions that children take to help you identify their emerging dispositions. Examples of these are:

  • Curiosity

  • Courageous

  • Trusting

  • Playful

  • Purposeful & Persistence

  • Communicative

  • Responsible

  • Kind

  • Resourceful

  • Cooperative

  • Risk Taking

Linda goes into depth about this topic in the video below:

Risky Play – Am I being overprotective?

Parental instincts dictate we must over-extend ourselves when protecting our children, and sometimes this can be more harm than good. In this video, Linda covers key points on this topic which are:

  • Attachment theory and its application to you and your children

  • The child's first year and the development of specific emotional attachment to their primary care giver

  • Enabling confidence, security, curiosity and happiness.

What is "The Power of Once

When you repeat yourself you actually lose more control of the situation and you lose more power. How many times to do you find yourself repeating the same instruction or request? Linda explains how the power of once will increase your harmonious productive interaction with children. And effective instruction for various age groups.

Our Staff and Educators at Kuddles regularly use resources from Forward Professional Development and would love to give a shout out to them for their good work.

I hope you find these parenting strategies, tips and tricks helpful!

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