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"Pets and Children - What are the benefits?"

Us Kiwi’s are no strangers when it comes to having our children and pets grow alongside each other. The bond between our children and pets are special, teaching them about meaningful bonds, responsibility and how to treat and respects animals.

Our Homebased Educators often have pets ,with children under supervision, who love to interact and play with them. All our educators follow strict policy guidelines to ensure that the children are kept safe while they learn how to feed, pat, and hold various pets. We also host a handful of outings where the children can have a chance to interact with a variety of animals.

There are many benefits to having children interact with domesticated animals. According to a study published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, having a pet or being around animals helps children develop great self-esteem as animals offer unconditional love. Pets provide company, comfort, support, and enhance a child's social skills.

Safety Tips:

  • Handle animals gently and give them space

  • ALWAYS supervise children around animals!

  • Never tease a dog or cat or pull its tail or ears.

  • Always wash your hands after handing an animal

Check out these websites:

Animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no questions, pass no criticisms.”

by George Elliott

If you are contemplating a pet, think no further, do some research ,check out the above websites ,find your perfect fury friend!

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