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Preparing for a road trip!

Where has the year gone?! With Delta hitting our shores and our long unexcepted lockdown, it's been quite a year. Aucklanders are seeing some relief as we head into the new Traffic light system coming into effect on Friday. It'll be Christmas before we know it with the holiday season already upon us.

If you are lucky enough to have a holiday getaway planned or even just a day trip out of Auckland with the kids, it can be a stressful experience for parents if not organised well.

So here are some tips to help you have an enjoyable and relaxing family trip.

Keeping the cost down Try to avoid constantly stopping for drinks and food every time the kids say they're thirsty or hungry. To keep rumbling tummies at bay, pack a snack bag including drink bottles (sipper bottles work best for travelling ) and their favorite finger foods. It's best to bring snacks that are easy to eat and won't leave sticky finger marks all over the car. Although with little ones, a mess is often unavoidable so keep baby wipes handy for cleaning up when necessary.

Toilet stops

Every time you stop for a break make sure to remind the children to go to the toilet. Regular toilet breaks are important to avoid any little accidents while travelling. For the younger ones who might be still toilet training, use a nappy or pop a potty in the boot if you prefer in case there is no toilet handy.

Travel Bag

Packing a bag of activities for each child is a good idea to keep them entertained. Fill it with their favorite books, toys, or even an iPad so they can watch their favorite programme. Try to avoid taking any small items that can easily get lost and cause tantrums having to waste time stopping to search under seats!

Other tips

  • If you have more than one adult, take turns driving with one adult sitting in the back for part of the trip. If adults always sit in the front it can be a novelty to have an adult sitting with them in the back seat. Plus there's a fresh set of eyes on the road keeping everyone safer.

  • Take pillows! It's likely the children will nod off on long trips and it helps them nod off for longer.

  • Think about what sounds to play in the car. Try putting on some of the children's favorite CDs, they love it when adults sing-along and it makes for some good family memories plus keeps drivers alert. Headphones are also another way to keep everyone happy if the kids want to listen to different things.

  • If a very long trip is planned, try to go when the children are likely to be sleeping, this will make the trip comfortable for everyone. they can snuggle down with their favorite blanket or cuddly soft toy.

Wishing everyone safe & happy travels!

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