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Your Childs in good hands

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

At Kuddles we pride ourselves on the quality of all our In-home Educators treating your child like one of their own, with warmth and love.

Children need the freedom and time to play.

Play is not a luxury.

Play is a necessity.

"Kay Redfield Jamison"

As we all know our little precious one's at times can be challenging or should I say spirited! Giving a child boundaries ensure your child is safe and secure. As all parents know your children always seem to behave that little be better for other people!

Like at home, keeping a few rules in place our in-home educators like parents ensure each child is out of harms way, making sure all safety measures are in place and any possible hazards are removed for the safety of our little crawlers, climbers, and jumpers??.

Here's some safety tips for 0 - 5 year old's that is always good to review - from trusted sites:

Children are more likely to co-operate when they understand why we want them to do something clear, simple, explanations are the most effective.

Our Kuddles Educators ensure each age and stage your child is at, his or her day is full of fun, laughter and those special giggles, smiles , and wow moments, each moment is captured so parents don't feel like they have missed a moment of their Childs experiences and growth.

So...lets go hang at the park! swing on the swing, climb the slide, jump and kick a ball

attend a fun session dancing singing at the local library.

There's no day the same at an Educators home.

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